Flow chart of land development code review process

What's Happening?

The Process

The updating of a land development code is a basic function of any city government.  All cities change, and the smart ones plan ahead for that change. Cities from Denver to Laredo to Miami have recently updated their codes to better reflect a changing world. Considering Austin's plans for guiding growth were last overhauled in 1984, we're due.

A proposed draft of our new code was published on Friday, October 4. You can read it and check out the latest maps on the City's LDC resource page. But no changes will take place for some time. 

The fact is that there are several more steps that the State of Texas requires the City to take before a new land development code can become policy. 

  • A public Planning Commission meeting must be held where the proposed code and maps are reviewed. Input and suggestions from the commissioners and the community are expected at this step. It is an ongoing and iterative process, not a simple up or down vote. 
  • The Planning Commission must then conduct a public hearing. Citizen comment  is welcomed and encouraged. This hearing is scheduled for October 26 (save the date!)
  • Next, the Planning Commission must hold a vote on what exact code changes to present to City Council in their recommendation. This may take place on October 26, or at a later date.
  • The City Council must then hold public hearings to consider community feedback on the version of the proposed code presented by the Planning Commission. Additionally, the code must be presented in three readings before Council for their discussion and deliberation, after each of which they vote. The readings are to be scheduled at the discretion of Council. Public hearings and associated readings may or may not be scheduled on the same days. 

Only after all these steps have been taken will Council cast its final vote. 

And remember, the code can be amended in the future, if needed.

NEW: How to Submit Your Own Zoning Map Suggestions!

The Land Development Code Revision Team is currently accepting community input on the proposed zoning map publicly posted on October 4. This is another great way to be heard!

Residents can download a map template to use for comment through the city's Land Development Code website

Comments should be marked on the map and resubmitted through the website by 5pm on Wednesday, November 6, 2019.  

All zoning map suggestions should meet the criteria below: