Fast facts on the new code and


An updated code will address many of the issues Austinites are struggling with from the old code: congestion, long commutes, unsafe or missing sidewalks, and more. 

FACT: Parking is not going away. Parking on existing properties can stay forever if the owner decides to leave it alone (and most will). 

FACT: In some parts of the city, the number of parking spaces the city requires an owner to build when they are developing a property will be reduced, but if something new is built, it will likely still include parking.   

Ask yourself the question, "Would I buy a home that doesn't have parking?" There are a growing number of people who will answer "Yes", but most people will still answer "No." Many people still want garages and parking, and homebuilders know this; they will continue to build parking, even when it isn’t required. With the new code, the city is just getting out of the business of dictating how many spaces should be required in areas near non-auto transportation options.  

FACT: Even in downtown Austin, where parking requirements have been eliminated since 2013, new buildings continue to include giant parking garages, even though they aren’t required to provide parking. This is often because they expect their future owners or tenants will demand parking - even in one of the most walkable parts of the city. Parking construction will continue to be driven by parking demand.