Who is FactCheckATX.com?

We're Austin voters that like facts.

Previous efforts to rewrite Austin’s land development code have been derailed by lies, inaccuracies, and general mean-spiritedness. It’s been exhausting and disheartening.

A few civic-minded folks think Austin can do better, and deserve better. We believe that the future of our city will best be served by civilized conversations based on a mutually agreed-upon set of facts. 

So we started collecting the facts that could serve as the basis for thoughtful discussion, using only publicly available sources so we can document our facts--no off-the-record comments or neighborhood whisper campaigns. Our agenda? To protect the process of rewriting the land development code, to amplify truths, and to correct false statements, resulting in the best code possible.

Luckily, facts are free and don’t require a big checkbook or a cult of personality behind them: they’re facts, and they stand on their own...as long as people can find them. 

So we set up this shoestring website and are recruiting some volunteers to help get the word out. Those contributing to our effort so far include several champions of fact-based policy-making, including Angela De Hoyos Hart, Jennifer Houlihan, and Liza Ostrovsky Wimberley.

In the coming months, we know we’ll need to push back against lots of intentional and unintentional misstatements, and will do our best to share timely information and evaluate claims for accuracy so our readers and our leaders can make the best decisions possible.

We hope the press will, too. Because this isn’t a “both sides” story, neatly pitting two opposing narratives against each other. 

Today’s story is how we come together as a community to respond to a shared set of facts, and how we best prepare our growing city for the future.

FactCheckATX.com is a nonpartisan fact-based website. It is not a PAC, lobbying group, nonprofit, or even a formal organization. We don't have a logo...we definitely don't have staff! FactCheckATX.com and its affiliated social media accounts are not sponsored or endorsed by the City of Austin.